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Copywriting Services

Sister 2 Sister Enterprises, your exclusive venue for copy that “speaks” to your target market, engages your ideal client, and converts leads into passionate, faithful clientele who are rabid fans of your brand and are eager to experience your next product launch. Our writers use science backed NLP (nuro linguistic programing) techniques to connect with your target market and lead them to doing business with you and consuming your products and services. These superior methods extend to all aspects of copy we do for you: website content, blogs, email campaigns, webinar and video content, funnel marketing, and more. Our industry knowledge allows us to deliver fresh perspectives and creative outcomes.

Email Marketing

What If Everything You Think You Know About Email Marketing Is Dead Wrong?

email marketing is deadSister 2 Sister Enterprises will transform your tired, dying, and no longer responsive email list into a raging river of fresh new cash flow and profits. Our ninja like techniques will purge the profit prisoner in your list. Our Email Alchemy Report will educate you on:

  • 5 Commonly Believed Email Marketing Fallacies (viruses that corrupt your operating system when it comes to extracting the profit)…
  • 3 simple concepts that when diligently applied will allow you to release a flash flood of latent cash flow currently locked up in your list…
  • Undeniable, independent PROOF of everything we’ll show you…


If we can do all this from old, unresponsive lists, imagine what we can do for your already responsive list and for your perfect client profile lists. Get your free report here.


Sister 2 Sister Enterprises’ email campaigns extend to auto responders for funnels and follow-up responders for all the lists you have and want to market too. Our efforts can add new clients and increase sales from existing clients. We use NLP methodologies to speak directly to the part of the brain that will make your target audience predisposed to do business with your company. We know how to speak the language of your target audience to increase engagement with your company, products, and values.

Webinar Marketing

webinar marketing


Webinars provide unique opportunities to market your brand, your company, your products and services, and for you to gain credibility. Rather than marketing one-to-one, webinars allow one-to-many marketing. You can reach hundreds of prospects simultaneously, thus increasing your reach, lead generation, engagement, and revenue.
A well-crafted and presented webinar automatically:

  • Identities you as a leader in your industry.

Webinars give you credibility and infer superior knowledge of the topic, product, information, etc. Attendees remember your name and services long after the event, and are more inclined to do business with you due to an implied familiarity with you, your company, and your product or service.

  • Increases customer retention, and builds and expands client and brand loyalty.

Customers gained through this marketing method have proven to remain consumers of the products for longer than those who don’t attend a presentation of this nature. A natural extension of this specialized retention is an increased loyalty to the company and the product or brand.

  • Lowers the cost of product launches and lead generation.

Uniquely inherent in webinar presentations is the ability to reach a highly targeted audience, rather than the shot-gun approach often employed by marketers. The cost of lead generation is greatly reduced due to the ability of targeting the right audience where the likelihood of a higher percentage of takers for your offer is intensified. The cost of launching a new or existing product can be daunting. With a webinar, particularly one that is evergreen, the cost of a launch itself is less than a full-blown media blitz, and you can run it again and again at no extra cost if it is recorded.

  • Lets you engage and educate your target market.

Your client wants to engage with you. They want to feel a connection with you, your company, even your vision and passion. The more you can educate them on the benefits of the product, and of doing business with you, the more engaged they will become and the more likely they are to not only become raving fans but also to remain users and promoters of your product and brand.

Webinars also allow you to reach and present to more prospects, more often, and engage your audience at times that are convenient for them. Your webinar can be a one-time live event, or can be “evergreen” in nature.

Importantly, a unique characteristic in lead generation from a webinar is the ability to ask questions during the webinar registration process that qualify the prospect. This permits you to target those prospects with a sincere interest in and need for your services, instead of spending time ineffectively pursuing prospects who may not be a match to do business with you.

Video Marketing

video marketing

There is a scientific reason that video works so well; video resonates in a cerebral way. The human brain is hardwired to recognize and respond to the stimuli of faces, voices, emotions, and movements. This makes the elements of the storytelling method used in videos the perfect mode to reach your target market; it’s rooted in our biology.

In fact, 75% of online marketers are producing unique, custom videos for their target market. Online video strengthens customer lifecycle marketing strategies due to its flexibility and ability to engage the customer on several levels.

Video doesn’t just provide education for your viewers; it invites contemplation and has naturally convincing characteristics. With the capabilities of strategic optimization, search engines are able to easily find your video masterpiece. Taking into consideration the facility to transcribe to text or extract audio from a video, and you have the ability to transform the information in the video to other forms of media. This makes it advantageous to use video for the starting point of your content marketing.

Here are some of the ways in which a well thought out and executed marketing strategy can use videos to enhance recognition:

  • Search engines (creates awareness)
  • Emails and newsletters (encourages engagement/increases conversion/promotes retention/inspires advocacy)
  • Site pages and blogs (creates awareness/encourages engagement/increases conversion)
  • Social media (creates awareness/encourages engagement/increases conversion/promotes retention/inspires advocacy)
  • Mobile marketing (encourages engagement/increases conversion)
  • Public relations (creates awareness/brand alignment/company identity through video)
  • B2C marketing (more confidence in purchases/encourages engagement)
  • B2B marketing (aids in discovery research/differentiates)

Video marketing enchantment doesn’t just happen. It requires diligent work, time, dedication, and a detailed plan. Strategic video marketing, however, solves challenging business issues by connecting with audiences on a deeper level. We will build a targeted video marketing plan to overcome your customer lifecycle challenges and help you reach your goals.

As your video marketers, we have the inherent commission to compel interest and engagement from your target market and ideal client. Our content educates, inspires, and informs, builds trust and relationships, while delivering these in a fun – not stuffy- way. We distribute our content in as many marketing channels as possible, so our message must be laser-focused to your ideal client profile. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. We’re going to help you enhance and optimize your marketing efforts; refining and perfecting the best video content tactics for your social media, blogs, website, funnels, and email campaigns and responders.

Funnel Marketing

funnel marketing“The purchase funnel, or purchasing funnel, is a consumer focused marketing model which illustrates the theoretical customer journey towards the purchase of a product or service.”


This form of marketing is designed to take the prospect from interest, to engagement, to a nurtured relationship with the company or product, to the transforming from prospect to happy customer.

A well designed funnel will move the prospect forward along the sales trajectory to the ultimate end result – a satisfied, loyal-to-the-brand customer who continues to purchase the company’s goods or services, even eagerly awaits the next product promotion from the company.

The marketing funnel is a marketing tool that helps track the stages consumers or purchasers go through to eventually make a buying decision. It is also designed so that you know what needs to be done at each stage of the funnel to help influence consumers in the buying process at each stage, such as follow-up telephone calls to nurture a relationship, or sending them positive press reviews. or marketing personnel guide this traffic — the prospective customers — through the funnel using strategies that are designed to be effective at each stage.