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Your Way To Wealth $ummit 2016

Gain the Tools You Need to Stop Your Business From Hemorrhaging Revenue, Leads, Customers, Reputation, Web Site Views, and Much More, on November 17 and 18.

A room full of super smart, sharp, and motivated business owners, entrepreneurs, and experts will gather for 2 full days of super charged excitement, education, and fun!  This event is a unique opportunity to gain insight on what makes for a solid foundation for phenomenal success. 

  • Could you stand to have your conversion rates increase?
  • Would you like to know how to get more quality, targeted leads to your website or opt in page?
  • Have your email campaigns brought lack luster results?
  • You know you need to brand your business but are not sure how to do it?
  • Have you updated your business plan? Or, do you have one at all?
  • Are you at a point that you need to invest more for the growth of your company, but you are a little gun-shy to actually pull the trigger and get started with the expansion you want and need?
  • Do you need some guidance on how and when to invest in your company?
  • Clueless about social media marketing?
  • Have a website but need to make it more appealing, and mobile friendly?

If you answered yes to any of these and are serious about growing your entrepreneurial or traditional business you can’t miss this exceptional opportunity.  We would LOVE to have you be a part of this live event experience.  Bring your marketing team, and your business development experts to gain the most for your business’ future growth and unprecedented success.


sisterMeet Your Host:
Barb Sayers, CEO and Marketing Director of
Sister 2 Sister Enterprises


An entrepreneur from a young age, Barb knows the dedication and tenacity it takes to run a thriving, profitable business.Fresh out of high school she began working with a real estate company as a Girl Friday, where she learned early on the rigors of running a business that has only one employee.


Then she started her own “one-girl-show” businesses selling exercise equipment, algae health products, telecommunications products, beauty products, supplement health products, and even ran a florist business from her home in Hawaii.


No stranger to working hard and applying herself to the task at hand, Barb was also a top performer as a real estate agent in Hawaii and went on to become the sales manager of the firm, as well as creating and heading the training and relocation departments. When she left the firm, the broker asked her to find “10 people just like you” for him to employ.


Barb brings a depth of knowledge on what it takes to build a foundation for your business, create your ideal client avatar, and how to get the most out of your email marketing efforts with her acclaimed “What If Everything You Think You Know About Email Marketing Is Dead Wrong?” Barb is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sister 2 Sister Enterprises, a marketing and consulting firm specializing in email, webinar, video, and funnel marketing. She is a graduate of The Cloning of Business Success taught by John Asseraf, and received certification from Russell Brunson’s Click Funnels as a Certified Click Funnels Master Strategist, Campaign Builder, and Conversion Specialist.

Now Barb runs Sister 2 Sister Enterprises, a marketing and consulting firm in the Greater Denver area. It is particularly evident in her interactions with other businesses that businesses in general could benefit from an in-depth training on key elements necessary to establish a firm footing from which to accelerate growth and revenue.

This year Barb is bringing her Your Way To Wealth $ummit – Gain the Tools You Need to Stop Your Business From Hemorrhaging Revenue, Leads, Customers, Reputation, Web Site Views, and Much More, to Denver in order to serve businesses and driven successful entrepreneurs in her own community.

Take a look at our all-star line-up of speakers at the WW$:

sisterBarb Sayers Co-Founder, CEO, and Marketing Director for Sister 2 Sister Enterprises, brings a wealth of knowledge in what makes for a solid foundation for your business to thrive. A graduate of John Asseraf’s training The Cloning of Business Success, and his other courses: Having It All, Winning The Game of Business, How to Get More Done In Less Time, Mastering Your Mindset, and Winning The Game of Money, Barb is uniquely qualified to help you “win the game of business” by assisting you in building a firm foundation from which to grow your business.


Do you know who your ideal client is? Have you got it mastered down to where they eat? If you don’t have a clear picture, or avatar, of your ideal client how can you market to them? Barb will help you drill down on specifics of your ideal client so that you don’t just have leads, you have targeted leads hungry for your specific product or service, who are ready to pull out their wallets and pay you handsomely for it.

What if everything you think you know about email marketing is dead wrong? That happens to be the title of Barb’s book which will be given to every attendee of Your Way To Wealth $ummit event. Barb will explain the 5 most commonly held profit killing myths about email marketing and why they are absolutely “dead wrong”. You will understand what most marketers don’t about this important aspect of marketing your business, or that of your clients.




maurice-washingtonMaurice Washington is the host of the popular Denver based

TV show Executive Talk, where he interviews local business executives who “speak out” on what matters to business on a local level, and more. Maurice brings to us his insight and experience on why Message First, Business Second is the key to success. 







jen trujilloJennifer Whitten Trujillo, an Affiliate Faculty at Regis University’s College for Professional Studies, teaches, or has taught courses in digital marketing promotion, marketing principles, digital marketing tools and tactics, and consumer behavior. Jennifer will teach us the power of a business plan. Without a well-constructed business plan, you do not have a clear path to follow, you will not get the loans you may need, and you will not be taken seriously by others. She will assist you in getting started on your business plan if you do not have one, if you do, she can help you tweak it to make it more powerful. Business plans are the cornerstones of a business.





Michael hall

Michael Hall imparts his knowledge on how to make financial decisions for small businesses.  Michael Graduated Magna Cum Laude from University of Denver in 2004 with a degree major in business and minor in finance. He spent his “previous life” in the mortgage business right out of high school before starting a career in the investment world in early 2003. Now Michael will share his wealth of knowledge with you!

Michael will also show us how important your attire can be to your success.  It is said that first impressions are lasting impressions.  Your business is full of first impressions and you never know when you will have an unexpected first impression.  Michael is an expert in the clothier industry, you won’t want to miss his insight on this subject.




Pam brunerPamela Bruner, known as the Facebook Ads expert, shares her knowledge and experience with you and walks you through the importance of using Facebook Ads for your business, how to accomplish success with Facebook Ads, and how to capitalize on her methods for Facebook Ads success.





greg-shankenGreg Shanken is the founder of Gloss, a full-service digital marketing agency with a passion for helping B2B and B2C businesses make more money (while having fun).  Greg will share with you – How to delight your visitors so they keep coming back for more, buy more stuff, and share their experience with the world, – Whether you’re sending promos to customers, nudging prospects towards a sale, or gently reminding customers to reorder, discover how you can “clone” you and your team via automation to generate more revenue and acquire more new customers, – Liberate yourself to pursue higher value revenue-generating activities, while boosting your team’s morale and motivation so they’re more engaged in their daily work, – and much, much more.


Jay magliaccioJay Magliaccio, from DexMedia will astound you with what his company can do for your business’ bottom line. He has been in Marketing/Advertising since 1981. His experience covers 28 years in the auto marketing industry with Showcase publications, where he specialized in creating print marketing campaigns for the auto retailers and manufacturers, as well as 2 years in the financial industry. For the last 5 years, Jay has had a rewarding career with DexOne and DexMedia as a sales rep, field sales training manager, and a Senior digital marketing consultant specializing in small to medium sized business development.





joyce-fuestelJoyce Fuestel is a master of marketing and relationship building using LinkedIn. She will take you “Beyond the Profile – Tips for Effective Use of LinkedIn.” You will learn ways to communicate strategically on LinkedIn, discover a variety of search tools on LinkedIn to find referral partners and potential clients, enhance your professional credibility by publishing articles on LinkedIn, determine if it makes sense for you to have a paid LinkedIn account, and find out how to stay top of mind with your LinkedIn connections.





hugh liddleHugh Liddle “wants to change the way the world perceives sales and salespeople.”

Hugh is the
THE Sales Wizard, and he started Red Cap Sales Coaching so he could teach business people to sell in a different way, in an authentically human way that connects the seller and the buyer together in a mutually beneficial relationship. Hugh’s coaching turns selling into a fun, pleasant, profitable experience for salesperson and prospect alike.

“THE Sales Wizard” is an accomplished author, speaker, and radio talk show host. He has over 46-years’ experience in selling, and his coaching has helped business owners and salespeople all over the world achieve outstanding results in selling. As a public speaker, Hugh provides entertainment, education, and motivation to audiences worldwide. Hugh’s promise to you? “Double your sales and income in 90 days or less, guaranteed!”





wendy-strainWendy Strain is an expert grant writer who has generated more than $40M in awarded funds through her grant writing efforts. Many small businesses have heard of grants that can provide free money for their success, but may not know how to go about writing a successful grant application. Wendy will provide the basic information you need to start searching and applying for your own grants to help your business thrive.





regina-partainRegina Partain Bergman will show us how communication has an effect on our lives, at every level – including business/professional. She brings with her expertise from her experiences in owning a regional staffing company with 6 offices in the panhandle of Texas and NW Oklahoma. In addition to staffing her company provided HR services, Team Development Training, and Management Development. Regina also served on the board of the Panhandle Workforce Development Board in Amarillo, Texas and served 2 terms as the President of that board.

Regina is a self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur”, and owns Bridgeport Network, a woman owned, diverse, yet uniquely connected, group of business services including Bridgeport Resort and Event Center, Bridgeport Consulting, Bridgeport Strategy, Bridgeport Speaking, and Bridgeport Publishing, and Bridgeport Coaching. She will demonstrate to us how to Bullet Proof Your Communications, on a personal and a business/professional level.



brad-climerBrad Climer, President of Bridgeport Strategy, a Business, Corporate & Men’s Coach, and Marketer/Advertiser, Brad will speak on business development, marketing and advertising.

Brad Climer has expertise that centers on coaching privately owned and operated businesses in expanding their client base. His methods incorporate over 300 different strategies propelling a business to achieve their full potential by advancing to higher performance and profit levels. His unique off and online marketing strategies are highly effective in growing a lucrative client base. Understanding that Time, Team, and Clientele are critical to a prosperous business, this dictates Brad’s focus in developing innovative strategies for his clients to bring in the money!

Brad’s many achievements include cultivating a direct sales business that bourgeoned to cover 22 states; to helping local, regional, and national businesses reach their ideal client. His reputable sales career with AT&T sent him on a mission to stellar heights in creating and growing business clients. Brad’s background is rich and expansive in business development, marketing and advertising. He has a particular finesse in maneuvering within corporate bureaucracy to achieve desired outcomes.

Currently based in Texas, he has traveled extensively with his own rewarding ministry. Brad enjoys reaching out to communities and men to share the vision of an extraordinary life.

ajay-and-april-mattaAjay and April Matta, “We Have A Proven Track Record, Revolutionary Approach, and Immediate Results!” Spiritually Raw ranks in the top 1% for LinkedIn profile views with over 25,000+ connections and 53+ client recommendations! 

The best part…they already figured it out and will duplicate the exact same process for you! Experts in media branding, Ajay and April are enthusiastic about getting phenomenal results for you and your business. You won’t want to miss their presentation on the new mobile business card – vCard. It’s like having your website on your phone, and so much more!


Dan Hugo has the answers to your accounting and tax questions. If you are looking for a blend of personal service and expertise, Accounting & Tax Services (ATS) is the right place! ATS offers a broad range of services for business owners, executives and independent professionals. An all-inclusive firm that specializes in start-up, small, and medium sized businesses, their services include unlimited consultations, accounting and bookkeeping, tax planning and preparation, as well as live payroll, all for low monthly or quarterly fees, no hourly charge!

PPA center



Your Stage…. The popular Police Protective Association (PPA) Event Center on Decatur Street in Denver.

The PPA is easy to get to, has free parking, and its staff are well versed in providing quality services for the events held in their facility.


Event Location: PPA Event Center

Address: 2105 Decatur St

Denver, CO 80211

Telephone: (303) 433-8247

We have left no stone unturned. You will receive golden nuggets and bronze boulders of information and ideas to bring back to your office and implement immediately. I can’t wait to get your feedback on the event – it’s your time now, you deserve to prosper and grow your business. Let’s make the 4th quarter of 2016 absolutely phenomenal!!!

Claim your seat now! Bring a guest and your marketing team. Each guest you bring will receive a $150 discount on their ticket. VIP seating is available. Contact Barb at bsayers@sister2sisterenterprises.com for tickets and registration.

VIP seating: $547 (only 15 seats available)

VIP seating includes, up front seating, an additional free book –

General Admission: $447 – 

Bring a guest, your marketing team, business development team, department heads, etc.: $297 each – 

Contact Barb for special pricing with groups of 4 or more, 303-524-2163.

These events sell out early, be sure to secure your seat and that of your guests or teams. The ticket prices are deeply discounted. Normally, an event of this magnitude would run $997 for one general admission ticket and $1497 for VIP seating. But, because I truly want to help businesses in the greater Denver area succeed and exceed their current goals, I am keeping the price down as low as possible. Claim your seat now, before they are sold out.

Special Message from Barb Sayers…

Dear Fellow Business Owner and Successful Entrepreneurs…

I am SO excited to see you at this event, an extremely powerful two-day experiential happening where you will get in depth training and support for implementing immensely powerful tools and practices in your business immediately. You will gain hands on experience with each speaker’s area of expertise so that you can take it back to your office and put it use immediately. This is the equivalent of a $150 to $400 coaching session from each speaker!

When you join me, my team and our guest speakers, at Your Way To Wealth $ummit, we plan to blow your mind with value and training that will support you in growing your business, attracting more clients and earning more money.

When you leave you will have a clear action plan and strategy for creating: more leads, clients, and revenue, a reputation of excellence for your business, expanding your message, making a greater impact to the people and businesses you serve, and creating the life you truly desire and deserve.

If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, and you want to attract more clients, make more money, and create a bigger impact with your message, this event is for you…

Looking forward to seeing you at the event,

Barb Sayers

Sister 2 Sister Enterprises


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