Your Way To Wealth $ummit

Gain the Tools You Need to Stop Your Business From Hemorrhaging Revenue, Leads, Customers, Reputation, Web Site Views, and Much More


Imagine the possibilities of putting your business in front of a full room of super smart, sharp, and motivated business owners, entrepreneurs, and experts for 2 full days! This event is a unique opportunity to offer your services or products to an invested audience. Our attendees are serious about growing their entrepreneurial and traditional businesses and we would LOVE to have you be a part of this live event experience.

sisterMeet Your Host:
Barb Sayers, CEO and Marketing Director of
Sister 2 Sister Enterprises


An entrepreneur from a young age, Barb knows the dedication and tenacity it takes to run a thriving, profitable business.Fresh out of high school she began working with a real estate company as a Girl Friday, where she learned early on the rigors of running a business that

has only one employee.


Then she started her own “one-girl-show” businesses selling exercise equipment, algae health products, telecommunications products, beauty products, supplement health products, and even ran a florist business from her home in Hawaii.


No stranger to working hard and applying herself to the task at hand, Barb was also a top performer as a real estate agent in Hawaii and went on to become the sales manager of the firm, as well as

creating and heading the training and relocation departments. When she left the firm, the

broker asked her to find “10 people just like you” for him to employ.

PPA center


Your Stage…. The popular Police Protective Association (PPA) Event Center on Decatur Street in Denver.

The PPA is easy to get to, has free parking, and is well versed in providing quality services for the events held in their facility.


Having this background in business and entrepreneurship, Barb has learned the hard way that there are certain things that need to be in place from the beginning for a business to succeed and thrive. She has watched other businesses start off without the necessary “building blocks” for success and they either don’t last, or they reach a certain point and flounder and don’t understand why they can’t move past this level of success. It is Barb’s desire to assist businesses and entrepreneurs to avoid those pitfalls.

Now Barb runs Sister 2 Sister Enterprises, a marketing and consulting firm in the Greater Denver area. It is particularly evident in her interactions with other businesses that businesses in general could benefit from an in-depth training on key elements necessary to establish a firm footing from which to accelerate growth and revenue.

This year Barb is bringing her Your Way To Wealth $ummitGain the Tools You Need to Stop Your Business From Hemorrhaging Revenue, Leads, Customers, Reputation, Web Site Views, and Much More, to Denver in order to serve businesses and driven successful entrepreneurs in her own community.


Your Way To Wealth $ummit

WW$ VIP $ponsorships


Decidedly our most prestigious sponsorship level, the VIP package has significant and valuable benefits to you and your company.

  • Your company logo with priority placement on printed materials, online promotional material and on sponsor slide at event. ($500 value)
  • WW$ Resource table to promote your business during the 2 days. ($2000 value)
  • Full Page Ad in our event workbook under the WW$ Stellar Sponsor Section. ($700 value)
  • Your Exclusive Handout or Giveaway for every attendee. ($500 value)
  • 10 Tickets to attend the 2-day event for pre-event distribution. ($3970 value)
  • V.I.P. Seating at the event for you and a guest ($700 value)

We also give you:

  • 100% of all product sales you make at the event. Woot Woot! (Thousands)
  • Visibility on the event website ($1000 value)
  • Sponsorship package on Barb’s radio talk show, Bizz Buzz, on BBSRadio.com ($1000)
  • Pre-event training on how to get a great ROI ($1500 value)
  • Endorsement from Barb from the main stage ($2000 value)


WW$ OPTION A) no guests $5K

WW$ OPTION A) 10 guests & $3K

WW$ OPTION B) 20 guests & FREE

3 ways to make money by promoting the WW$ Event:

1. Sell your non-competitive products from your table during the 2-day event.

2. Collect leads at the event and sell through follow up.

3. Collect commission on sales generated at the event, from guests you invited.

Guest Qualifications: Do not bring your assistant, best friend or husband to “fill your quota”. They will not qualify as guests. We are inviting you to partner with us, to help fill this event with viable audience members, who want to gain the tools necessary to grow their business. As a courtesy to other speakers, and to the event as a whole, when you agree to join as a partner, you also agree to invite only high-caliber candidates. This is the only way to assure a successful event for all. Our commitment to you is to treat your guests like the superstars they are & deliver a super energized and powerful event.

How Your Guests Enroll:

You will be given a special link for your guests who can come for a mere $97 seat reservation fee. They will receive a $97.00 event credit towards any purchases of WW$ products or services.

Your Way To Wealth $ummit

WW$ Select $ponsorships

WW$ Main Stage Evening with Free Offer $2000 & 15 guests (1 only)

30-minute main stage talk with free offer, a resource table, and more.

Expert WW$ Platforms Partners $1500 & 10 guests (2 only)

WW$ table & an authority positioning on the main stage expert panel

After Event Mixer & Activity Partner $1000 & 10 Guests

Host our after event mixer on day 1 of the event and mingle with all our guests with the ability to lead an activity or exercise.

Registration & Bag Promotional Partner $1000 & 10 guests

Connect with attendees at registration and throughout the event with your logo on the official event bag everyone will be carrying and bringing home. Plus, you’ll have premier ad positioning in the workbook.

If you have an idea for a super sponsorship not listed here, let us know! Who knows, you may just have your idea implemented at the event.

s to s biz card

MORE Value From Your

WW$ $ponsorship

Five ways we work harder for you…

  1. FOCUS ON YOU: There are only two speaking sponsors that have the ability to make an offer. With individuals and companies alike approaching Barb to sponsor her event (rather than the other way around) by all accounts Barb could pack the event full of speaking sponsors. But, a speaker herself, Barb knows what makes a great win-win opportunity.
  2. ENCOURAGING ENVIRONMENT: As a sponsor you can feel free to take full advantage of the discount rate and invite guests. Barb takes this responsibility seriously. So you can expect your guests to be treated like one of the family.
  3. REASONABLE INVESTMENT: Barb knows the value of sponsorship. That’s why she has put together valuable “no-brainer” packages, so that you will have every advantage to put your business in front of the 50 to 100 businesses attending the event.
  4. CONNECT WITH THE AUDIENCE: Collect leads, and close sales during breaks, lunches, and the mixer at the end of day one of the event.
  5. TRAINING & SUPPORT: Not only is the audience in good hands with Barb, but you are too. Barb will share priceless tips and training with you to help you maximize your opportunity on the stage, collect more leads, and close more sales.





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